Roy E. Browne is the managing director of inventory Management Solutions Inc.

Managing Director Roy E Browne

Are you where you always wanted to be?

From an early age, I never really knew where I wanted to be, but i do love where I am and what i am doing professionally and personally with the people around me.

What is your biggest professional challenge?

Educating owners of inventory carrying businesses, why they should have periodic professional independent stock-takes and cycle counting programme (not ad hoc counting) throughout the year, to reduce-stock-outs and control their variances.

What is your biggest life challenge?

Taking time for myself, Having to put in a number of hours to manage a growing business successfully and making time for my responsibilities as a husband and a father of a six year old does not leave much time for self.

Mr. Roy E Browne Greeting Minister Dwight G Sutherland 



When you look to the future what do you see?

I am optimistic, seeing the glass half full not half empty. I actually believe this is the best era to be alive and the world is actually getting better but we are sold on its getting worse because that’s what sells.

Whats your favourite past time?

Writing, but i do enjoy watching a bit of sci-fi

What’s your favourite meal?

Anything my wife cooks.

On Saturday nights where are you likely to be?

I value family time, so i’m usually at home relaxing. I have a rule to only watch netflix on weekends so probably doing that.

Mr. Roy E Browne engaging conversation with Minister Dwight G Sutherland

What upsets you the most?

People who use their position, strength, influence or will to bully harass, torture or abuse people animals. Oh, and those people who choose to litter.

What is your Guiding Philosophy?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If you had to manage Barbados for a day, what would you do?

I would need more than a day, so I would take that day and find a way to get more days to manage

written by Shawn Cumberbatch